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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
A good day at Kibby today with quiet a few shooters making the journey to have a go at a Marksman Course, And for the first time in two years someone managed to gain a clear round
Well Done Dave the smile on your face said it all

1Dave Goldsberry60Open
2Bob Farthing59Open
3James McLachlan57Open
4Greg Hensman56Open
5Andrea Marshall54Open
6Michelle Pullen53Open
7Les Young53Open
8Mark Thompson53Open
9Barry Smith53Open
10Simon Vant53Open
11Roger Lait53Open
12Martin Slane51Open
13Brian Heaps51Open
14Neil Price51Open
15Bruce Marshall51Open
16Jon Roper48Open
17Phil Russell46Open
18Mick Goss Snr45Open
19Greg Hensman44Open
20Bernard Harris43Open
21Craig Sargeant38Open
22Paul Andrews38Open
23Kathy Thompson51Recoiling
24Chris Boulton46 
25Mick Goss Snr44 
26Andy Tomkins43 
27Craig Kendrick43 
28Andy Conroy42 
29Andy Cotterill39 
30Tim Harris39 
31Will Gabbott38 
32Charlotte Tomkins37 
33Chris Holmes34 
34Anthony Marshall45Junior
35Tom Roper43 
36Ben Cotterill39 
37Dave Chapman54'22
38Anne Russell42 
39Mike Slatcher39 
Well done Dave.
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