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Originally Posted by dozbadthebad View Post
1 week to go boys and girles
so next saturday in cardiff starting 6.30 pm
if your up for it sent me a pm and i send you all the info

the Lady boys are all booked so just show up

Are you really up for that Doz?....on Sunday you looked a little under the weather from the mini 'warm up' last Saturday at Newbury.....Don't let that Berty lead you astray.Have agood night boys...wish I was there...just to laugh at you all if 'nowt else....on my mates stag do next Saturday ...the day starts off at 9.00 am shooting clays then onto air guns.!!! Then a few drinkies ...will I make Thorn Dell Sunday?...who knows..

PS do something 'nasty' to Berty at the end of the night and get pictures
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