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Originally Posted by airborn68 View Post

I want to have a go at the NEFTA winter league this season. I was thinking of getting a Bushnell elite tactical 6500 4.5-30x50
  • How suitable are they for Ft
  • Do they range find ok
  • can you get large side wheels for them
I didn't want to spend a fortune on a scope until I have seen if I take to Ft or not, I was going to try the new Falcon t50 ft but have read mixed reviews.

Your thoughts please

My advice to you is DO NOT BUY ONE i am talking from experience,i had one when i first started doing FT.I used it for hunting and couldn't really afford another scope.There an awesome scope for hunting and can be used by an experienced FT shooter,but not a beginner.You will really struggle to range find accurately
with it,they don't snap in focus but creep in,add this to the fact that it is low mag,makes it difficult.Buy a nikko diamond there a fantastic scope especialy for a beginner, or better still buy a sightron if funds allow.
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