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This thread is going to be for the teams, for the upcoming winter hft series sponsored by Weihrauch HW101.

Please place your team names on here and mark who the captain is.Please put your team name, no rude names please and you must include either the first or second name of the captain within the team name.

Team 1 - The Dream Jeannies

Jean Greatrex (C)
Alex Larkin
Simon Vant
Gary Chillingworth

Team 2 - Rogers Rangers

Kyle hampton
Ray Hampton
Barry Smith
Roger lait (c)

Team 3 - Pete's Dragons

Pete Dutton (c)
Pete Sparkes
Steve Lanyman
Dave Hatfield

Team 4 - Ryder's Riff Raff

Geoff Ryder (c)
Martyn Goodsall
Shaun Eustuce
Darren Quincey

This thread is for Team lists only, for Winter HFT banter please go to the Winter HFT Banter thread
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