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Default Ft ?

Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I have shot HFT to a fairly good standard this year, but until last week I had never even looked through a 50mag scope that was attached to a rifle.

Tomorrow I am going to be setting up the scope, I have been told to use colours. Is it 8-55yards with standers and kneelers out to 45?
FT is no different to HFT in the fact that you need to knock down the targets to win . the big mag scopes are there to help you . quite a lot of shooters look through the scope at a longun and are beaten before they shoot . cos of the fact that the target looks so small . turn the mag up and it does not look so scary . we call it " i would rather shoot at a dinner plate , than a saucer. " Marking the sidewheel and turret up is a matter of choice . i use colours and i match em sidewheel to turret .green to green and so on . but you can use numbers or heiroglyphics if you so chose . do not expect to much to start with . finding a long target on a tree or worse several trees is not easy . that is why you see shooters with coasters on the mag ring , so they can find the target on 10 mag and then zoom up to 50 . range find and then down to 25 to shoot on . if you need any help pop down to Springfield and we will give you all the help we can ??? HOLLY
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