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I think that sums things up perfectly! The other variable in the mix of course is the frequency and intensity of barrel cleaning. If I clean my 110 so that there is no lead residue at all remaining, it takes about 70 odd pellets to lead it up and retain the accuracy. If it gets a couple of damp pull through wipes followed by a couple of drys that seems to be all she needs to retain downrange one holers week in,week out.

Apart from one rogue Steyr that I bought new (and swiftly returned) that wouldn't group with anything, I have yet to see a Steyr not capable of producing a level of accuracy far beyond what I and I suspect many others are capable of.

For me therefore, its the usual variables that we can alter such as good pellet choice and a strict cleaning regime that maintains the inherent accuracy in this and no doubt all other high quality target rifles.

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