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Thanks for the quick replies! fortunately for me (unfortunately for the daystate) i'm going to be on holiday for a week as of saturday so i'm unable to make it to anything in the next two weeks. It looks like there's a lot more clubs than i originally expected nearby though, definately going to check them out.

with regards to zeroing at 40 yards... i got advised by the guy i bought the gun off to zero it at 40 yards, meaning it will be zeroed at 10 and 40. hold-under for targets between 10 and 40 and hold-over for 8 or 45 yard shots. He builds and repairs custom pcp rifles for a living and sounded like he knew what he was talking about.As I said i'm pretty new to it but it's been working for me thus-far. If there is a more effective range to zero at for strictly hft purposes i'm all ears.

cheers again, will most likely see some of you at a hft shoot in the near future
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