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Originally Posted by bypass View Post
Gary, your`e such a I reckon this will be no ordinary HW 97. It will be very sorted and you will have been practising in secret for months.

Fair play for giving it a go though. Looking forward to Sunday


Andy, the rifle is the HW97k that Ian won at Emleymoor last year, I think it has had a v-mach kit fitted and has been bedded in by Simon Vant.

However, I can assure you that I have only just put a scope on it, I have been concentrating on the UK's and there is no way that I would take my tac-30 of my comp gun to practise with a springer

The gun seems to be good, I shot a 20 shot string yesterday at 40 yards and managed to kill all 20 targets. However, I am struggaling with the 15 and 20 mills. also the kneelers and standers seem tricky.

Any advice?

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