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Originally Posted by MattF View Post
Have tried all of them have got the same answer from them all we dont ship Air rifles

So have now had to back out of a sale

thanks Matt

A couple of final options.. ...(the same , that is used by Germans when sending airguns from Germany by Shops or Individuals, but the UK DPD may have different terms & conditions on sending OUT of UK, airguns..).

Or, have the buyer in Portugual, initiate the whole process/quote in Portugal, for the Portugese courier to get their UK courier 'counter part' to pick up from UK, and deliver back to this might do the trick (all kosher, since original paperwork is done on Portugese side, and UK counterpart is fulfilling an order that did NOT originate in UK - per or against their UK company policy) ... and if this works, cost could be split bothways ?
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