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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Can't shoot yet, still recovering from surgery but I can type

Gaps between KZ and plate are common in HFT owing largely to the distance between pegs (i.e. fairly straightforward shot seen straight on made difficult by forcing position together with the "50% obscured by twigs, trees, etc" rule). I don't see why FT should ever have that problem unless the target has moved (often because it isn't in firmly or up a tree and moved usually because someone yanks on the strings too hard. Rather than stop the shoot wouldn't it be much more simple for a marshall to have the use of a spotting scope and tripod? 60x zoom with a huge objective is clear as anything out to 50m. Easy to see a gap and if someone pulls on the string you can easily tell if the target is moving (i.e. then the whistle can be blown).
Good to see you on the mend.

The foliage problem comes in wind or changing conditions... grounds that become wet or have dried can mean stuff springs up in front of targets... wind obviously blows stuff across. Unfortunately it often is only a problem to a shooter, a ft left or right or up from that gate and it's ok.
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