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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Rule states leading hand should should support the gun, so technically Rob your other hand, i.e. little finger is also supporting the gun.

Also is that pistol grip on your supporting forearm, I know it ain't but as stated leading hand should be only supporting the gun.

Whilst we are on kneelers, I have seen that using the bean bag to support the ankle can if positioned incorrectly (or is that correctly) can also support the shooters weight i.e. the buttox is rested on it, in some instances the shooter may not even be aware they are doing it!
The little finger thing is something i had not ever noticed. shall try and remember to try it Saturday.

However, i am with conor on the bean bag as a suopport. i have always used my bag under the knee as i dont like putting my knee in the mud. thus it is no real support but i dont have dirty knees

Earlier this year i tried it with the bag under thhe ankle and found it a great support, to the point where it felt much steadier as i felt as if i were almost sitting on the bag, hardly any weight on the rear foot.
giving i am 20 stone its a lot of weight to take off the anckle!

However, my proposal is to leave the positions on kneelers / rules as they are, as kneelers sometimes are tricky enough as it is.

What is needed and i intend to propose it for a bfta rule change, is 25 ml kneelers to x yards.

x being max 35y, to start, though really i would like 40 yards.
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