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This is my week off, had the last of this cycle's chemo tablets Sunday night, felt a bit better Monday, still a sickly feeling but not too bad. Today has been great, not felt sick at all, felt so good in fact that when i took the daughter along to her Kung fu class tonight i joined in too. Started off with some gentle warm up because i can't really go jumping about just yet, did two runs through of the second grade and i was panting like an old dog, thought to myself "Jeesh you're out of shape, that's what the best part of 10 months away does for you", started the third grade along with the rest of the senoir grade students and a couple of moves from the end it all went black, i could feel myself getting fuzzy, tried to sit down but ended up falling half of the way.
I didn't think i blacked out completely, although my daughter said i did for a couple of seconds, i just felt myself going, tried to sit, fell and then saw a couple of the senoirs knelt beside me rolling me onto my side and stuffing a rolled up jumper under me head, oh, i did smack my head and right elbow on the floor a bit, bit my heads made from solid stuff so no damage there.
So it seems i'm not quite up to my previous fitness levels just yet, and any future kung fu lessons will be done on a teaching basis..not partaking.
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