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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
Gloves on and off is a bug of mine as well while im at it. On or off. Not on for 4 shots, then as a knee pad for the rest of the course.

rob ,if we stopped shooters taking there gloves on and off we would have to stop them removing clothing ,hats etc ,

i only use my glove for standers and kneelers ,,cant see an issue myself as it doesnt give me any advantage

i was questioned a while ago about unclipping my windicator between lanes ,as i carry my gun in a bag and it keeps falling of in the bag .so i unclip it from the tube and stick it on the scope ,

my reply was i am not adding or removing anything only altering its postion the same principle of altering a butt hook of hamster etc ,
he them said i was removing it and adding it back on ,my reply was what happens if you go to alter your butt hook and it falls off ,,, do you then shoot the rest of the course without it ,,,
Mike, as far as I recall, you wear a coat and it stays on... not 100% on that, but seem to remember it's ok to take off between lanes, but it must be replaced. There was a shooter a few years back who had 1/2 a sleeping bag wrapped around his arm and Roger made sure it stayed on for every shot I don't see any issue moving between lanes with gear, its more when stuff is bolted on for one thing and taken off for another. Like i say, just a bug of mine
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