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I pointed out to two top shooters my kneeling trick of late, which I have not used, but wondered about. Whilst playing with my position I found extending my trigger hand little finger forward helped locate the rifle and keep the pistol grip away from the forearm, which could be a problem with my position. As a by product, it offered a tad more stability.

One said it was fine. The other said not. I personally don't think it is either.

In my book, slings should be junked from positionals. There's probably only one shooter I can think of that uses one to his advantage, the others who use them i feel would do better without. But then who am i to talk about tech advantages? Kneeling? The leading arm should only touch the rifle at the hand, and the hand should be unsupported for me. The pistol arm should only touch at the pistol grip, and the butt should be the 3rd locator. Touching clothing is always going to be problematic, but i'd say where hooks & buttons are shown to add support they should be removed. Same as in standing... else you could have a large pocket to stick your elbow in, or a box in the pocket...

Gloves on and off is a bug of mine as well while im at it. On or off. Not on for 4 shots, then as a knee pad for the rest of the course.

I'd call a target that was open to the point where i could feel it would be a possible problem. 30yds of terror in no wind I wouldn't bother with, but wouldn't begrudge someone calling. I never thought that was a problem.
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