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There are only two spots left in the first session, once it is full everyone else will have to shoot in session two or go on a reserve list for session one should someone be a no show.
If you have got your name down and can't make it could you please either remove it or let me know as I will be drawing lanes before the day. I am going to try to keep it to two to a peg.

Session 1
Simon Howarth
Simon Harrison
Chris Coombes
Peter Higgins
Anthony Higgins
Michelle Pullen
Dave Goldsberry
Gerry Baillon
Tom Morgans
Pete Foote
Darrin Lynn
Ricky Downing
Giles Tibbitts
Bert Tate
Mike Everson
Pete Sparkes
Derick Stone
mick mctighe
nigel smith
dave martin
Chris Moreton
John Oldroyd
Brian Heaps
Lee Meadows
James Mclachlan
Andy McLachlan
Bruce Marshall
The Wife
Mini Marshall
Dave benyon
Geoff Watkinson
Andy Jones
Derek Whittingham
Elliott Compton
Harry Compton
Chris Sutcliffe
Martin Peake + 2 Explorer Scouts
Dave Clements
Dean Westwood
Tom Buckley
Steve Liddamore
Tony Lamsdale
Mick Goodenough
Rob Lamerton
Andy Reynolds
Colin Evans
Tony Male
John Hodgetts
Dan Horrocks
Peter Underwood
Andrew Underwood
Stuart James
Dave Hatfield
Steve Lanyman
Neil Smith
John Duggan
Tom Nelson

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Mick Pryor
Steve Cartledge
Rob Mobley
Chris Mobley
Matt Furlong
Johnny Smith
Nathan Smith
Mike Soper
Ian Shepard
Rich Baldwin
Catt Gomm
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Grego Hensman
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