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Originally Posted by oldybutgoody View Post
I have as suggested re read the rules, and now I am even more confused... I had read the rules and thought I understood them but clearly I hadnt. The UKAHFT rules state quite clearly that the hand is not to be supported unless it is a supported kneeler

The leading hand only will support the gun and forward of the wrist the hand should itself be unsupported

This quote is direct off of the UKAHFT web site.

I do not want to cause consternation but it is obvious from the replies so far there is confusion over this matter and I do not want to fall foul of a rule that I clearly do not understand.
So it is back to the UKAHFT is it a case of mss-understanding or is there abiguity?
I dont see how you can fall foul of a rule that the UKAHFT organisers have clearly ruled on. On any shot, as long as your trigger is behind the firing line & some part of you or the rifle is touching the peg then you can use any support within reach........this of course excludes the ground which can only support the bottom of the butt pad.

The rule you quote Mick is a description of the standard kneeling position & deals with the position of the hand in relation to the knee for an unsupported kneeler, in other words it stops the shooter resting the back of the hand on the kneecap.

For a supported kneeler this position must be adhered to, so you cant rest the back of your hand on the knee, you may however utilise an support that is within reach of the peg & that includes the peg itself.

We could quite easily re-write the rules to cover every little aspect of the event but we'd soon have a rule book about an inch thick, the easiest way if it really upsets anyone is not to set courses out with pegs tall enough to lean on for supported shots
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