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Default Standers & Kneelers

At all the HFT courses I've been to the peg says that it must be shot as either standing, kneeling or prone if there is a disclipline shot, it is upto the individual To read the peg and if possible utilise any of the surrounding equipment in order to achive a more stable platform from which to shoot. If you are flexible enough, the you can use the peg, to place your hand by, or on to assist in the shot. In all cases, some part of your body(including foot) must be touching the peg, this may also include your rifle in order to achieve this. If someone is that flexible, then that's great, but as Charlts said, the course setters should bang the pegs in to the minimum height of 300mm, which is about 1 foot in old money. This peg height is not measured as far as I'm aware, so the height might be more or less, don't complain if its either, it's only a place from which to shoot. The course setters have a difficult enough job to get it right to so that all competitors can see at least 50% of the target from the peg.

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