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Default Definatley no wind pellets

Popped down tondu sat morning to check the Rs settings before Sunday's showdown.

Up on the ridge, in only a slight breeze, slight for the ridge, they were moving far more than Express would. 1 inch off kill where i might have been edge of kill wit express.

So to Showdown.

Drawn against Powder puff for rd 1. Pretty equal draw on paper and it was close. Tied 18 - 18. Both my misses were shots in wind where i gave edge of kill and pellet struck other edge, so full kill. Shots that would not have moved that far with Express.
Shoot off lane was last lane taken kneeling, both hit both targets. Next lane, 20 ish yard inch kill taken standing and 52 yarder taken kneeling. Both hit them, though i split both lol.
so, 52 yard stander. Puff hit hit, great shot. I was nice and steady in the middle of kill and let fly. the pellet had its own flight plan however, guided by turbalance from a passing drogonfly. Pellet struck about 1 inch off 3 oclock lol.


Was chuffed to be drawn against the Real Mark Fisher for rd 2, top bloke.
Chance of revenge as we shot together at dowry hill in January and he slaughtered me! Still, i took his top 20th gp place at Sywell so revenge was on both cards.
We finished 18-18 each, that after i did a bad shot on the 20m stander! Kneelers could not seperate us so standers. think they were 45m and 37 m ish. I hit both, Real missed the shorter one!

Plate rd 2

Not really Rd 2, but the FINAL for me.

Drawn against Berty lol

By now, I was getting more used to the pellets. Had been off plate for one shot agaist real and was edge on almost every shot.
Blue course had some good wind (for me) so was out of kill a few times and edge others. Using the force on the long ones and luck on others.

Berty missed two where he gave wind but pelet went stright!
I ignored his downfall and still gave wind.
Went into holly mode on the standers but wanted them so much lol

20 (me, yes really) Berty 18!

Plate Rd 3

Nice Mr.Worboyes. He knew i had just cleared Blue and I think might have been a bit beaten before he started? Keith missed shots i did not expect him too?
Back to red course and again giving edge and just off kill. Missed a stander as now after nearly 80 shots was felling tiered and very hungry. Thaught of eating Keith but not buch meat on him so did not bother
Still, won 19 - 16 so into somthing called a semi final.

Semi final.

Back to the Yellow course with top chappie Cameron Casey. Great young man to shot with, even if he does beat you with a d#aystate!
Yellow i found to be the easiest course as there was little or no wind. However I had a pulse moment a couple of lanes in and while watching the cross hair bounce up and down on a long 45+ m target, decided i was in kill when was not. Pellet went straight and struck edge. Fair play to Cameron, he kept his cool and cleaned the course, his seconf of the day. lost 19 -20.

Cameron went on to clean the final and beat ashley 20-19. High standards!

so, 100 targets and i missed 6. 2 standers stander, 3 for wind and 1 crucial one for pulse?

Quandry now is do i bin the RS and stay with Express, or as it seems I can almost get to grips with them on still days and they are very accurate, do i stick with them?

Dont know?
Not sure if it may be the Priest as i have always thaught the Priest was abetter action than the Rev. Now with Mr.Woody excellent finish on the stock i like using it.

Think i will have a few hours wit the Priest and set it up with Express this week to get dialing clicks for express.
Will have to put the RS through Rev as well as set it up with Express again.

No 27 Scope.

Range finding was fine, but not suited to 1 minute. i was using the Force and % shooting on lang targets.

I set anything that was roughly 45 -50m on my 47m setting and they all went down.

Think main set up may become Priest+ Mr.P Luep + Express?

Rev + No27 + Rs or express?

Maybe another shoot or month of testing before any more switching?

See how the Rs do Sunday at Farcoley. If there is Wind i guess i will know is its Express and Rs for Rare days?
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