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Originally Posted by TheWhiteDragon View Post
i wasn't at the shoot but seriously... people settle down...

the course was approved before the shoot, that makes the course legal, end of..
the fact the wind changed makes no difference..
if the devil dragged his big red hairy arse out of hell.. guess what .. still a legal course..

its got nothing to do with being great, being crap, being able to judge distance/wind, or anything else..
you could have all the toys to give you every advantage, and the wind can still crap on you..

just accept that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, thats life..

p.s. bruce is an evil b****** when he sets a course..
Originally Posted by BIGGS"N"WIFE View Post

And on that note please end this thread.

Sorry Bruce but i feel that i have to respond to thewhitedragon. Someone who wasn't there but who seriously wants us to calm down.......please pass on my thanks for the damn, good patronising.

Pete D was right when you see how comment and counter comment can drag threads down when a post comes along like the one from thewhitedragon. What am i supposed to do, just ignore it for the sake of harmony? I've said earlier that i won't bad mouth a club or course but i will rise to snide comments, especially from someone that wasn't even there???????
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