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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
That's where the problem lies though Chris, do you really think all the replies on this thread have been constructive, what starts out as being constructive soon takes a dive especially when peoples back are put out by shooters defending the target in question.
I can see where you're coming from Pete and am fully aware of how the spiral of comment and counter comment can deteriorate BUT......i really can't see anything in the thread but praise for Cambridge. If i got snide comments then i would address those people directly not put anything that could be any way levelled against club/course setters/ vetters (which, in this case club/course setters/ vetters can hold thier heads high).

Blimey, i for one can understand how it feels when someone makes a comment about a course you've spent weeks preparing (been there, got the t shirt), we just have to try to see where they're coming from and see if we can improve for next time, that way things can only get better.
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