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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Cheers Pete,

The article is there to promote the UKAHFT and hopefully over the last few years we have managed to do that. I want to try and give a bit back to the manufactures, but we will not have time to review kit, but we can mention that Shooter A has a S400 with a Viper scope and what he likes about it. I can then comment about the kit and give a potted opinion. I used to write the reviews for the guys who shoot the UKAHFT, but unfortunatly, it appears that very few shooters actualy buy the magazine. This is a shame, as no other mag gives up two pages of copy every month to promote a series.

I always have a pic of the raffle winner and their prize (Apart from last month, due to a cock up on my part) and I try to put a few pics in of shooters who don't get in the magazines very often. I don't do the pics of the winners as there is only so many times you can look at Sparky ;-).

I always put the top score in the open as well as juniors, ladies, .22.and recoiling, but what I want to do is change things around a bit. I have started to think that my HFT reviews have become a bit stale and repetitive and because of this I need a change. Archant have been great in letting me review HFT and I need to do the best job I can.

I know when Kev Hughes used to do the write up's people did like to see the scores on the day etc in a little column on the side just to keep them updated.
I would say you will have to be careful if you do a profile on a shooters kit if that it is different from the sponsor of the shoot i.e don't do a S400 if Theoben sponsored the round.

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