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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Hi Gary,

I think first you need to look at who the articles are aimed at ? Are you wanting to persuade non HFT shooters to come along & try UKAHFT, are you wanting to create mini reviews by shooters raving about the kit they use or are you wanting to get HFT shooters buying the magazine to read the articles ?

The problem is I don't think you can do it all

Personally I always prefered a brief description of the event/venue, a picture of the winners, a picture of the raffle prize winner that plugs the sponsors & the full results, I've never been keen on trying to tell a story of the day....but thats just me
Cheers Pete,

The article is there to promote the UKAHFT and hopefully over the last few years we have managed to do that. I want to try and give a bit back to the manufactures, but we will not have time to review kit, but we can mention that Shooter A has a S400 with a Viper scope and what he likes about it. I can then comment about the kit and give a potted opinion. I used to write the reviews for the guys who shoot the UKAHFT, but unfortunatly, it appears that very few shooters actualy buy the magazine. This is a shame, as no other mag gives up two pages of copy every month to promote a series.

I always have a pic of the raffle winner and their prize (Apart from last month, due to a cock up on my part) and I try to put a few pics in of shooters who don't get in the magazines very often. I don't do the pics of the winners as there is only so many times you can look at Sparky ;-).

I always put the top score in the open as well as juniors, ladies, .22.and recoiling, but what I want to do is change things around a bit. I have started to think that my HFT reviews have become a bit stale and repetitive and because of this I need a change. Archant have been great in letting me review HFT and I need to do the best job I can.

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