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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I'll reply as Pete Sparkes is tied up at the moment, nothing to do with Derick honest

The target in question wasn't in any way illegal according to the rules.

However there can't be a rule for everything & often we have to use our judgement during vetting when deciding whether a target is suitable or not for competition.

During vetting we try to correct any targets that may cause problem & sometimes we will condemn a target that requires a certain level of luck to get a kill.

On this occasion Pete has said that he would have condemned the target during vetting if he had realised how bad the wind was going to get & how much the target would move about.

Hindsight would be a wonderful thing but part of the appeal of UKAHFT is the unusual targets in unusual positions & I hope clubs continue to try something different otherwise we may as well have standard targets on a standard metal bracket all at a standard height....
Cheers Pete...i thought that might have been the case.

Originally Posted by brianf51 View Post
Well said Chris, and for Mr Garagefairy, if I can explain why I as a first session marshall thought the target should be pulled. It wasn't that the target was difficult or that it was moving in the wind. It was that the movement was not a natural wind induced movement like the trees and stander on the pole had. The movement was erratic and involved left-right, back-forth and sometimes even a slight up and down bounce.

This means that the target cannot present itself the every shooter in the same manner and therefore (in my opinion) is not a legal or fair target. It most certainly does not mean that the team had not done their homework or had deliberately set out a bad target. As I said earlier in other conditions that target might have been acclaimed as very creative indeed.

When it came to shooting it during the gustiest period of the second sesion I took my time and tried to anticipate the movement but still whacked my pellet firmly into the top of the beak. In all honesty it wasn't a difficult target, just erratic. Target 11 was much harder in that wind and I picked up a well deserved 0 on it!
Well said...and the point i've been trying to make. I've already said the course was one of the best i've ever shot.

Originally Posted by fatty View Post
It does appear to have caused a good deal of discussion and debate. Would it not be reasonable for the powers that be to come up with a black and white rule. I myself are very new to the game and have very little comparisson for 1 target to the next. I neither agree or disagree with the legality of the mentioned targets but would feel happier knowing when I approach a target that it does meet a standard. The targets at cambridge were very challenging and I have not enjoyed a shoot as much as I did there, so would hate for course setters to have their imaginations restrained. I do understand for those people who have alot invested in the day that they would like to fail or succeed at their own hands, not that of Madame Luck.

If a rule could be writen to meet the needs of both course setter and shooter alike we would hope not to have another situation where course setters are analized over 1 or 2 grey area targets out of a fantastic 30. Course setters would know what they have to work to and a target would be easly checked for its legality causing much less unrest on the day and after.

And i can't disagree with that at all apart from needing a hard rule. It was just one of those odd situations where the target looked good during vetting but turned into a lottery in the wind. I'm sure the course vetters will learn from it as i have and i will try to remember it the next time i'm thinking about a fun/different target.

To the Cambridge lads and lasses.....i've said earlier and i'll say it again, please don't think the comments are in any way a reflection on the club and the course setters. I REALLY enjoyed the course and have always felt welcome when visiting......and i can understand it when club members want to remain loyal after seeing the amount of hard work that has gone on prior to a shoot. I know because i have spent over a thousand quid of my own cash and hundreds of hours to put out courses at my own ground only to get (constructive) comments after the shoot. You live, learn and the course just get better.

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