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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
It does appear to have caused a good deal of discussion and debate. Would it not be reasonable for the powers that be to come up with a black and white rule. I myself are very new to the game and have very little comparisson for 1 target to the next. I neither agree or disagree with the legality of the mentioned targets but would feel happier knowing when I approach a target that it does meet a standard. The targets at cambridge were very challenging and I have not enjoyed a shoot as much as I did there, so would hate for course setters to have their imaginations restrained. I do understand for those people who have alot invested in the day that they would like to fail or succeed at their own hands, not that of Madame Luck.

If a rule could be writen to meet the needs of both course setter and shooter alike we would hope not to have another situation where course setters are analized over 1 or 2 grey area targets out of a fantastic 30. Course setters would know what they have to work to and a target would be easly checked for its legality causing much less unrest on the day and after.

Totally agree, much common sense in that post. I don't think anyone is taking the hammer to the course setters and it's a shame that some people see it that way but as long as any criticism is constructive then we all benefit.
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