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Well said Chris, and for Mr Garagefairy, if I can explain why I as a first session marshall thought the target should be pulled. It wasn't that the target was difficult or that it was moving in the wind. It was that the movement was not a natural wind induced movement like the trees and stander on the pole had. The movement was erratic and involved left-right, back-forth and sometimes even a slight up and down bounce.

This means that the target cannot present itself the every shooter in the same manner and therefore (in my opinion) is not a legal or fair target. It most certainly does not mean that the team had not done their homework or had deliberately set out a bad target. As I said earlier in other conditions that target might have been acclaimed as very creative indeed.

When it came to shooting it during the gustiest period of the second sesion I took my time and tried to anticipate the movement but still whacked my pellet firmly into the top of the beak. In all honesty it wasn't a difficult target, just erratic. Target 11 was much harder in that wind and I picked up a well deserved 0 on it!
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