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I'll reply as Pete Sparkes is tied up at the moment, nothing to do with Derick honest

The target in question wasn't in any way illegal according to the rules.

However there can't be a rule for everything & often we have to use our judgement during vetting when deciding whether a target is suitable or not for competition.

During vetting we try to correct any targets that may cause problem & sometimes we will condemn a target that requires a certain level of luck to get a kill.

On this occasion Pete has said that he would have condemned the target during vetting if he had realised how bad the wind was going to get & how much the target would move about.

Hindsight would be a wonderful thing but part of the appeal of UKAHFT is the unusual targets in unusual positions & I hope clubs continue to try something different otherwise we may as well have standard targets on a standard metal bracket all at a standard height....
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