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Originally Posted by Garagefairy View Post
Or was the problem that some people simply misranged the target, as indicated above? If so, I guess they would not have minded if they had hit it. So ... missed it? Tough ... move onto the next target.
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Originally Posted by Garagefairy View Post
I am accused of being 'defensive' but do not see why. In my original post I asked a question regarding why people complained / objected to the duck target. It is now clear it was a wind issue with the duck swinging in the wind. But nobody has yet explained why it was thought to be an 'illegal' target. Can someone do so, and also explain why the targets up poles, up trees etc that we see at so many other shoots are not 'illegal'. Please note I am not advocating removing such targets from courses ... they add considerable variety to courses and the shoot would be the weaker without them. So what is the problem? ... I think this is a reasonable question and not at all 'defensive'.

I agree that the course is a test of skill not luck. Presumably the luck element refers to the variable wind. Is this not where the skill element should preside?
I have checked the rules on the UKAHFT site and it doesn't refer to anything specific about targets that move in the i'm going on the conversation i had with Sparky after the shoot where he mentioned pulling the target....hence my thought on it being illegal.

You're correct to say that the skill comes in being able to read the wind......not to be trying to read the wind AND keep your crosshair on a dancing target. Some targets in the past have had movement (including the stander at cambridge) in the wind but the movement has not been so great as to mean the difference between a hit and a complete miss of the plate for a zero.

You've hinted in your quotes above about people misranging and reading the wind being a skill. So what you're saying is that if you missed the duck you are crap?...

Please don't take this the wrong way but how much HFT experience do you have..shooting wise?. i don't know your real name so can't check.
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