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i've worked out some rough prices.

all based on 4 adults in 1 vehicle


Harwich-Esbjerg 240 return

Copenhagen-Olso 370 return (inc cabin)

& no limit on luggage etc (so you can take your own air)

+fuel (approx 500 miles, 200 miles between Ebsjerg & Copenhagen and 300 miles between Oslo & venue).
at uk prices thats aprrox 180 in fuel

total price 790 ish
that works out at approx 200 each


flight from heathrow/gatwick to Molde 271 return each (x4)
100 surcharge for taking sporting equipment each (x4)
550 car hire (Mondeo estate)

total 3118
that works out approx 775 each

(this does not include accomodation at venue)

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