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hi all

for those who are interested i've worked out some ferry times for those who don't want to fly!!!!


1st Ferry Departs Harwich at 1745 on mon 13th Aug, arrives in Esbjerg(Denmark) at 1200 on Tues 14th (18hrs)

3 hour drive to Copenhagen.

2nd Ferry departs tues 14th at 1700 & arrive Oslo on wed 15th at 0930

then 6 hour drive to shoot.


1st Ferry departs Oslo on Mon 29th or tues 30th Aug at 1700 & arrive Copenhagen at 0930 on tues 21st Aug/wed 22nd.

3 hour drive to Esbjerg.

2nd ferry departs Esberg wed 22nd at 1845 & arrive Harwich at 1200 on thurs 23rd aug.

ferry times are limited between harwich and Esbjerg (every other day)
ferry bewteen Oslo and Copenhagen are daily.

if it a bit tight for time on outward jouinrney then we would have to get the ferry from Harwich on sat11th aug.

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