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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
sorry, but i don't think you read my post above before making an uneducated, snide comment

It's not about having to contend with a difficult target, it's about contending with an illegal target as per the UKAHFT rules. Difficult and imaginative targets are what i love about shooting HFT courses but the target has to be the same for all shooters on the course.

I thought the Duck target was imaginative and i really can appreciate the work that went into its positioning. When it was set and later checked the wind wasn't blowing. If the wind has been gentler then it wouldn't have even been mentioned.

One thing that i really can't understand though is why people get SO defensive when shooters pass comments about a course......especially when it's meant as constructive?
I am accused of being 'defensive' but do not see why. In my original post I asked a question regarding why people complained / objected to the duck target. It is now clear it was a wind issue with the duck swinging in the wind. But nobody has yet explained why it was thought to be an 'illegal' target. Can someone do so, and also explain why the targets up poles, up trees etc that we see at so many other shoots are not 'illegal'. Please note I am not advocating removing such targets from courses ... they add considerable variety to courses and the shoot would be the weaker without them. So what is the problem? ... I think this is a reasonable question and not at all 'defensive'.

I agree that the course is a test of skill not luck. Presumably the luck element refers to the variable wind. Is this not where the skill element should preside?
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