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Originally Posted by FirestarterUK View Post
for what its worth... i know bruce and the gang put loads into this course and i was just blown (sorry) away at how the site had been turned into what it was... it was exceptional bruce !! .. and as for the duck !! i loved the duck, i missed it and got a zero, but i loved it... im sorry if others cant contend with a difficult target,

well done guys....
sorry, but i don't think you read my post above before making an uneducated, snide comment

It's not about having to contend with a difficult target, it's about contending with an illegal target as per the UKAHFT rules. Difficult and imaginative targets are what i love about shooting HFT courses but the target has to be the same for all shooters on the course.

I thought the Duck target was imaginative and i really can appreciate the work that went into its positioning. When it was set and later checked the wind wasn't blowing. If the wind has been gentler then it wouldn't have even been mentioned.

One thing that i really can't understand though is why people get SO defensive when shooters pass comments about a course......especially when it's meant as constructive?
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