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Originally Posted by Garagefairy View Post
I am not sure what was wrong with the 'duck' target. Was it that it was moving in the wind? This is what I was told and, if so, what was the issue? I have seen 'wind affected targets' at many other shoots ... targets up trees that sway with gay abandon, targets on lofty poles .... none of which attracted any adverse comments that I am aware of. Or have I missed some information somewhere?
Personally I thank Bruce and Co for a very inspired course that took many man (and woman) days to physically set up, and that was after all the design work had been completed.

Or was the problem that some people simply misranged the target, as indicated above? If so, I guess they would not have minded if they had hit it. So ... missed it? Tough ... move onto the next target.
Regards to all
At the end of the day it's a test of shooting skill not luck. If a target is illegal as per the UKAHFT rules then it shouldn't be on the course in the first place.

No need to be aggressively defensive.....i too have set many courses out that have come under scrutiny in the past and have learnt from the comments. BUT, what you have to take into account is the fact that IF the duck target was illegal but not pulled and the 100% shooter got it anyway pulling the target would have given me an extra 1.7% or something like that. The extra 1.7% could indeed be the difference between me or Rich Woods winning the UKAHFT title (if we shot well at Quarry)....a big if

Now you can see why some comments were made....oh and take into account that we have travelling/hotels expenses as well. Also the hosting club is being paid from the money generated from the entrance fees and, again you can see why people feel that they have the right to comment if they think something isn't right.

I know Bruce and Andrea well and know that they both put a huge amount of work into the do many of us with our own clubs and i've PM'd Sparky and told him that i thought he made the right call about not pulling the target as the pole one might have had to be pulled too....which would have spoiled one of the best courses i have ever shot.

IMHO it's great that we can discuss issues like this on here so that these minor tweaks can be picked up on and hopefully not duplicated by other clubs in the future. Last weekend Cambridge raised the bar with that course and i will try my hardest next year (if Emley get a round) to try to emulate the technical content.
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