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Had a bit of a think & these are the ideas that ithink would make it work whilst keeping it simple .
1 = monthly , postal , 40 shot sils comp .

2 = proper sils rules , ie no glove , timed , no jackets .

3 = As a club approaches the month of ( for example ) january , it has to state to the person who is collating scores for that month which date in january will be used to shoot the sillies league on .This date to be set in the last week of dec , for jans comp & so on . Then no clubs would be able to pick a windless day to shoot on . All scores to be registered by midnight of the set date with the scoremaster .

4 As doz said count top 8 from 12 rounds .

5 Possible club & individual events .

What do folk think about seperate hft , sft , recoiling , ft sections ? not sure it would make much difference as i know quite a few fters turn mag down to 10 - 12 mag to do sils so would be possibly eligible to shoot in sft - hft section . Would be nice to get everyone involved .Ideas please !
thanks , calps .
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