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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Started back on the chemo last Tuesday, bigger, badder, and longer this time....the treatment, not me. I've been like death warmed up since Wednesday morning, the anti-sickness tablets just weren't able to cope with the strain this time and i've gone from taking the first lot, onto a stronger type and now i'm taking both....the problem is it's stopping me sleeping, i'm awake half the night constantly sitting up in bed and burping, i actually forced my fingers down my throat in the night to try and ease it off.
Not much fun at the 'mo, and judging by this last week with the effects the chemo had into my arm, i don't think i'll be getting to many, if, any of the winter shoots. You become very temperature sensative, i've been craving ice lollies like mad but can't eat them because of how it makes me react to the cold, you just seem to freeze up on contact. Not nice.
Paul my heart goes out to you mate....I love ice lollys too...

Seriously though we're all thinking of you and know you'll get through this

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