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I think Mr Garage fairy is being unduely defensive and he doesn't need to be, most people who complained about that target to my knowledge did so before shooting at it. it was that the movement imparted to that target was not that of any natural object like tree or something similar. The suspended duck bounced swung rapidily back & forth sometimes accelerating rapidly out of a shooters aiming field of view almost entirely.

It's not a big deal so lets snuff out any major grumbles before they start. It was only one target in 30 so did not really affect the final outcome much at all when we all being so hammered by the wind. As Dave says in other weather that particular target might have been hailed as quite creative.

I got the lowest score I have ever got in a comp of any sort but not because of the (pardon the pun) Ducking & weaving dodging duck of doom! I enjoyed the course if not my own performance so thank Cambridge for the challenge.

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