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Ok, a little update.

Obviously there's a lot of keen people ready to roll on this... hold fire. The WFTF countries are going to be canvassed within days with the idea to working out what places will be available beyond teams (a topic of debate i'm sure, but it's something that the organisers can work to). There's probably quite a few countries who will not field a full team, so the thinking is that we will have remainders and that it could probably work pro-rate to Italy's placings.

I need to know who is interested to the point to where they are ready to put their money down, and I need to know asap. is the email to send your intent to. If travelling as a pair, I need to just know the shooters, not the others who may be going but not shooting.

Then we can work out what the demand is here, and if there is a shortfall of places, how we deal with it. But for the moment, don't run out and book anything, i just need to know firm, no time wasters 99% certain who wants to go. I know it's early, but the better idea we have, the more time we have to work out any problems if they arise.

At this point, it's worth reminding representing SARPA and WAFTA that they will need to get their reps involved. The EFTA can only help with English shooters this year, but will assist where we can of course with info. But for those shooters who represent Scotland or Wales then they will need to get their reps to do their communication work. The EFTA will not be making your applications for you.

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