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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
enjoyed the course Bruce, lots of effort put into it and it showed.

It's easy to make the odd oversight with a target, in different conditions, that target would have been praised for being creative. Can't win 'em alll mate, it would have been nice if the "same shot for everyone" element gets picked up on course checking.

Well worth the drive to shoot the course though, even though I got spanked
I agree with Dave Bruce....i didn't like the duck target but thought that the vast amount of positives decimated a very small negative. No-one can second guess what the weather is going to do and if the wind had been NORMAL it wouldn't have even been mentioned. I for one really do understand the work that goes into setting out a course like that and hope that the comments about a single target aren't taken as negative...more like constructive comments. I always think that the courses at MAD are some of the best i've shot but the course on Sunday takes the position of no1 for me this year.

I thought the course was the hardest i've ever shot, mostly due to the technical quality of the target placement, peg position and use of the open ground.....oh and the demon wind
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