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Hi all thank you all for comming down yesterday it was great to see a good turn out.

I know a hell of a lot of shooters had travelled a long way and spent a lot of money on accomadation and fuel to compete and enjoy the UK rounds, So me, the Wife,Colin,Dan and Kevin spent a long time trying to set out a good competitive and enjoyable course which we thought we had acheived but unfortunatly put a target out that caused a lot of issues to this we are sorry.
We had anticipated some wind but what we got felt like hurricane ( Andrea the Wife) screaming down the course and this set about the unrest amongst a few people plus the large amount of shooters miss ranging it did not help.
I chatted to quite a few folks and they had ranged it at around 38 yards may be a bit less when it was actullay 42 1/2 yards and on a head shot thats moving is not going to help score 2 points.
What I tried to do was provide a shoot that the hard HFT shooters would get something out off and the juniors would also come of smilling, like Anthony my 9 year old and this being his first UK year was overjoyed when he shot the duck and got two points and luckily i got it as well.
So sorry guys if I let you down a bit this won't happen again but turning a barren bit of mud into a Hft shoot for top shooters in the country I can assure you is no easy task, try it and see.
If we are lucky enough next year to get a shoot and I for one very much hope we do, I think I will let someone else from the club have a crack at it because its bloody hard work, and I could not have done any of this without the Wife and the guys I have mentioned above so thank you to them.


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