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Firstly I'd like to thank all at MAd for their hospitality, as usual the shoot becomes only fraction of the day while at MAD, we had a brilliant time.

Jean was, as usual a perfect chaperone for Ell, he very much enjoys Jeans company and as my children are the most precious thing in my life, I am quite protective when it comes to chaperoning. Yes I know Ell is built like a barn door but like many young people, he's trying to find his place in the World and is often unsure of etiquette is certain situations, with that in mind, the greatest compliment I can give is asking anybody if they could or would be the 'appropriate adult'. Thanks Jean

The raison detre was Chris's very worthy cause, the actual figure raised is whatever it is but as a family we'd like to thank the Airgun Centre for their massive contribution to the event, something they have done previously and their contribution shouldn't slip by without the recognition it deserves. At the same time MAD and Ian Bainbridge, for the energy that they put into it deserve every bit of praise and recognition they get. Lastly everybody that took the time to show their support and make the day so enjoyable, well done

Lastly we get to Roger Lait, what can I say about Roger that hasn't been said before, you must have been called many things Roger but your fetish regarding Ells hair seems to have become an obsession, I'll get you a bag of his hair after his next shearing . As for outbidding yourself for the Lucozade (well done Ian) and then handing them out to all who wanted one (again well done Ian) and your generosity of spirit and esprit de corps is inspirational to many.

Regards Andrew
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