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Default Testing testing

well, despite the Bog and sprinkling of rain todays test session at Nelson (Welsh Masters) provided some answers and some new questions?

We shot the "Yellow" course first. did not think this was a hard course really in regards to target distance, mini kills etc.
so, Priest took the lead loaded with the 7.3G Rs. Cant say i came out of kill more than once or twice due to lack of wind. did miss a couple for wind, a couple went low for which i think settings were wrong and definatley had a couple of duff shots that went so far away from the kill in still conditions i can only think eIhter the Priest does not like RS and was spitting them out or they need sizing.
They shot much better straight from the in in italy, but the [COLOR="red"]REV[/COLOR was in charge so maybe i shoulld try them again in there?
Had a Gary Popwell today too (bad back) and Wobbled on a few so have decided to move on the blue gimp coat used today as it was feeling abit small for me!
hit 29 but thaught with no 1 set up and the right pellets it would have been a 35+ course?

Shot the Pm "white course with the REV but think i have mistakingly picked up some "practice /Njr" Express as i threw at least 30 into the mud between lanes, that after a few duff shots again.
Pm course was harder due to a wind and some tricky long mini kills, nice to see the 25ml standers out there and think these at sub 30 m should be the norm.
Think there were (or it seemed) 3 x 15 ml over 25 m. think target 2 was a 15 ml at 32 m? Missed it as guessed the clicks wrong!
Had to adjust the windage 7 clicks on zero range and was shooting 6 ish clicks high "bit of guessing really" at longer ranges and 4 ish clicks from the short 7 yard to around 35 m. Just like shooting in italy really!
Hit 30 but again there were another 5+ targets there in Gp mode

what was interesting was the rangefinding between no 27 and then checking with no 1 luep.
No 27 No1
T1 45m 45m
T2 28 30
T3 32 34
T4 45 45
T5 30 32
t6 50 50
t7 30 30
T8 44 40
t9 KN 27 30
T10 KN 40 40
t11 33 35
T12 45 45
T13 32 35
T14 45 48
t15 50 50
T16 42 43
t17 23 25
t18 23 24
T19 11 11
t20 32 35
t21 44 45
t22 47 49
t23 50 50
t24 18 18
T25 45 45
T26 50 50
T27 20 20
T28 40 42
T29 40 42
T30 32 32
T31 st 33 35
T32 ST 17 16
T33 28 30
T34 42 45
T35 kn 32 35
T36 kN 21 20
T37 42 45
T38 22 25
T39 42 45
T40 27 29

Not much between them all things being roughly equal. prefere using the no 1 Ret but think before I go changing too much this week will be some more testing.

Test Rev + no 1 leup with RS.

Test Priest + no 27 leup with sized RS.

Be interesting to see if results improve, may even try Lubeing!

I was keen to put no 1 leup on Priest, but think it may the thing to leave scopes where they are for now until pellets are sorted.

if Rs are Njr fodder then Express can be tried in both guns sized & "Lubed."
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