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Default Showdown .

When you sit down on the lane , take yout time . pull both strings to check the wind and position of targets . settle your bum . get alignment right to the first target .if your first target is about your zero range set your turret and focus before looking through the scope . load the rifle , up into the aim and shoot . in other words if you are not a quick shooter . guess the range of the shorter one if poss . that shouuld have the first one down in 15 second . leaving you 45 seconds to hit the longer one . if the other way around length wise , reverse the method . if you draw neil , when he puts the scope to his eye . put the stop watch right next to his ear and click it shouting " on the clock " in a loud voice . after a few lanes he will get the hump . hit you between the eyes and get disqualified . leaving the rest of us with a clear run . no don't thank me ??? HOLLY
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