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Afternoon Cliff,

Possible fixed dates could be based around regional winter leagues ? i.e. NEFTA , MEFTA ,CSFTA,WFTA etc or to nearest as dam it date ?

I think to keep things fair & square and to avoid any potential acts of cheating that shooting partners should be drawn out of a hat ? i.e when you sign in for the W/ L , you fill your name in on a silly's score card it then goes into a box , during the W/ L the silly's cards are drawn out in pairs , three's or four's whatever ? irrelevant really but it will avoid any accusations regarding score fixing ?

All cards or results to be recorded / emailed ( which might work better than postal ) at the end of days shooting ? & registered on a national leader board ? not sure on amount of rounds ? but it would be nice to have the prize giving at the Classic as it is sillouete based ?

Only potential problem i can see is the administration side of things , might not be a problem but it is another thing for someone to do ?

Only my thoughts & they mean bugger all at times.


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