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1 minute per lane to shoot 2 targets, time starts when you bring the scope to your eye.

Ten lanes to be shot against an opponent. Opponent drawn at random for first round, as is which of the two courses you will shoot. It doesn't matter how many targets you get down as long as it's more than they do, and you go through to the next round.

If you get through, in the second round you will shoot against somebody else who just got through, and you will shoot on the other course. If you lost in the first round then you will go into the plate competition and shoot against another "loser" also on the other course.

If you lose the second round, you are out. Winners go through to the third round where they are back on the course they shot first.

And so on until there are two showdown finalists and two plate finalists.

Ideally they shoot on completely new courses. We haven't got that many spare targets, so the showdown final will be on lanes 1 to 5 and 16 to 20, and the plate final on lanes 6 to 15 inclusive. That way, nobody gets the advantage of shooting the same course again in quick succession. All four will have shot 5 lanes in the last round and the other 5 in the previous round. A couple of changes to the two courses will be made to even out the difficulty.

Don't worry about the trophy, it won't be given out at the shoot, the winner will get it at the annual trophy shoot at South Devon in November. It's on Remembrance Sunday...

Oh, and as it's against the clock, we've made some of the lanes a bit easier than they would normally be. There is only one mini-kill, and the standers and kneelers are easier than usual. That really tough target at the back of the course just after the caravan has been left out.

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