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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

So Ladies and springer shooters are lesser shots than everyone else?

Back to one of the questions in this thread.

I too would like to know if I can attend Norway, I have no chance of qualifying for the England team but again need to book way in advance. I would also hazard a guess if this was to be the last worlds where anyone could compete at it then you will easily clear the 150 competitors mentioned.
I'm talking direct with NFTAC, so as soon as we have something concrete, I will let you and everyone know.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post

For me I would say have a Am and a PM session, this way Hotshot can shoot with the top Male non-springer shots in the morning as this would be for the teams to compete in and the afternoon session being for individuals who haven't made the team selection but would still like to compete. This would allow 450 shooters to attend.

This will only sort it for a short period of time until limits are reached once more, maybe team sizes need reducing - think there is only a springer team and a pcp team, don't recall there being a ladies or veterans team. Speaking of teams maybe the countries eed to think more about how teams are selected and not base it on the current years results, maybe base it on the previous years results, this would then allow team members enough notice to book holidays etc allowing them to attend.
I think something needs to be sorted on the teams/numbers/open thing. It would be sad to think that enthusiastic shooters could effectively be cut out of the scene abroad just because they didn't make a team. Even with just two teams that's 16 shooters per country. Memory says there are something like 30, so that's your 450 blown.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post

Moving forward from this debacle to another, can the world reps get there heads together and define a set of rules that we all compete to as once again even if I am lucky enough to attend Norway I don't want to think I am going there without knowing what I am competing at.
The EFTA have tried. We even sent around a set of proposals to the WFTF this year. It was confused because they weren't circulated by the WFTF for some reason, then an alternative set was proposed with some ambiguities. The the Worlds happened and I think the trail has gone cold, yet again. You'd think that each year would be a good opportinity to have a discussion at the worlds wouldn't you

However, as NFTAC's leading light, Andy Kays is an English shooter and visits the worlds, i'm sure he'll be posting the necessary info asap

Originally Posted by Matt View Post

With regards break away federation, how would this work as surely it would at some point still hit some limit on maximum number of shooters that can physicly be accomadated on a course.

Exactly, those would join the other organisation. The only breakaway talk i've heard of is to do with geography and power limits, and sounds like a version of indy car or the baseball world series.
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