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It would be an opportunity to gain some new blood Andy, and one not to be missed.

I would gladly ofer some time over the 2 days to help out.

With a good structure it could run pretty well, might need a sort of introduction, tutorial bay before the actual lanes to highlight the main objectives, basic positions, run throough of it, safety etc which would then help the actual lanes run a little smoother and quicker.

I would also suggest that everyone that took part in having a go was able to take a piece of literature away with them so that the link isnt lost, just giving them a website address will not be enough. If there is a piece of info with some great images, up-to-date info on the BFTA/WFTF and all the associated UK clubs, plus helpful hints and tips on buying, getting involved etc it will make a big difference to the potential take up.

Im sure between us we can get a piece sorted mate.

Cheers matey,

Castle FTC
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