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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

Im pretty sure at Weston Park in 2005 we had 315 competitiors attend and shoot.

The way around it then was to have 3 courses of 50 targets with AM and PM shooters.

This technically would bring the potential of 450 shooters shooting at the competition.

How that works is 25 lanes per course of 3 shooters per lane, meaning AM would have 225 shooters and then the same in the PM session.

That wors out to 450 shooters in total. It would be a massive task to hold that many but this is one way you could look at holding over 300 competitiors bud.

I believe Norway has plenty of light during the time of year they are holding the Worlds. Would be nice if more than 150 could attend the competition....

Yes - in 2005 we had AM and PM sessions and 2 shooters per lane so we could have fit 300 shooters + they may have had 1A and 1B on each course to get a few extra shooters in.

The only thing that could have improved on the format would have been to have had 1 red lane, 1 blue lane, 1 yellow lane etc.

The problem I suppose is that the weather can change between AM and PM sessions but you can always re group the sessions day by day to keep the top shooters in the same session + you could try and put ladies, springers etc in a separate session to the open class.

You should be able to fit 312 shooters in without too much fuss.

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