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Right !

I am now confused by the whole can we go can't we go debate ?

Right let me make this as simple as possible !

I would like to go & shoot the Worlds in Norway ?

As an English shooter do i have to qualify based upon this Team format for the Worlds i.e. finishing position in GP series ?

As the England team is by far the hardest team to get a place in & being very realistic i won't be in that team ! If this is the case can i still go ? as with previous years this always was banded about but i still went ?

Again i'm porbably covering old ground here but isn't the World Championships based around a World Champion i.e. an individual shooting 150 lumps of lead at some tin chickens to become World Champion?

Why does it seem that this has turned into a team exercise ?

All i want to do is go away with my mates , have a laugh , shoot to the best of my ability , knock as many tin chickens over as possible & most of all enjoy it while i'm there.

I have to book holidays in advance like the majority so it would be nice to have a difinative answer on whether Yes i can go as an independant shooter or No i can't go due to not being in a team ?

Sorry for acting a bit thick but posts do just get drawn out & over complicated & more so when people place their views , again rightly or wrongly but have no intenetion of going ?


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