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Default Numbers of 300+

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think for many, the world championships are about selecting a world champion. We have a PCP, a Spring, a Ladies, a Junior and a Senior World Champion to start with, along with teams being possible for entry for PCP, and Spring (and without looking, I assume the other classes are elligible for teams?)

The problem is a lack of foresight on how you fit a format that's expanding into a container of a fixed size. I'm still wondering how a suggestion of 300 will work, the first day in Italy took 6 hours to shoot. Although with a springer I was dipping into the last minute, 2.5 or even 2 mins from bum on bag could at least add a little bit of impetus to the day and I'm sure I could respond.

Or you make it 4 x 50 shot courses. 4 days of shooting instead of 3. That makes it 300 with no change in timing. But for me (personally), 3 mins is making it sluggish. 2 mins I think would be ideal.

Time and space has already become an issue. It was an issue in Italy, it is an issue in Norway. Depending on the attendance numbers it might be in NZ. It would certainly be an issue in a UK shoot as well. We could fill a worlds in 24 hours, and could field a team of 8 in every class elligible.

If you solve the time then you solve the numbers problem.

Im pretty sure at Weston Park in 2005 we had 315 competitiors attend and shoot.

The way around it then was to have 3 courses of 50 targets with AM and PM shooters.

This technically would bring the potential of 450 shooters shooting at the competition.

How that works is 25 lanes per course of 3 shooters per lane, meaning AM would have 225 shooters and then the same in the PM session.

That wors out to 450 shooters in total. It would be a massive task to hold that many but this is one way you could look at holding over 300 competitiors bud.

I believe Norway has plenty of light during the time of year they are holding the Worlds. Would be nice if more than 150 could attend the competition....

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