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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
With this year being probably one of the best seasons for quality shoots that i can remember , in my opinion , culminating last week at the euros last weekend .On our return journey from weston park " daft si higgins " & me were talking ( yes i do get a word in edge ways now & again ) duct tape comes in handy dont it ? Any way , with weston park being the in the public eye as it is we thought what an ideal place to put on a 5 lane 10 shot have a go range , where joe public can pay a quid ( or whatever ) & have a go at ft .
we thought about approaching daystate & airarms to borrow a few guns To run the ranges with & top them off with variable mag scopes ( possibly 8-32 or 40 mag ) .

What do people think & would any of you be willing to pitch in & do a little stint at coaching & you never know it may get a few more on the ft band wagon .
Thoughts please , calps .
Nice idea Andy.....until you get the guys who have been in the beer tent 'having a go'
I remember when we (Ponte') did the same at Selby Game guy swung a loaded gun round and shouted at his mate ''tenner I hit yellow 'un back there'....another that comes to mind- the guy pulling the bolt back on my Ripper like he was pulling on the handle of a recaltriant Land Rover Defenders door...not a disaster on a Ripley...but imagine that on a modern day Anshcutz/Steyr/Walther....the guy would be f'ing dead if it was mine....(I don't mention EV2s there as they deserve such treatment..)
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