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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
I can just see some gadget freak trying to install one of these, just because it may look good and serve no purpose.
That is the idea, but not the execution Jon. That is way too cumbersome and inappropriate. But the information supplied is what I would be looking a slightly different execution is required.

I'll browse the local auto stores and look for the small gadget I usd to have, that would be less intrusive than a bubble level. Smaller than a scope turret is size.

While I can live and shoot FT without a bubble level,.....if steep inclines are going to become a significant part of World match courses in the future, then training with such a device will be part of the preparation don't you think?

I'm personally not in favour of excessive inclined shots, but if its in the course, one has to adapt. Just as all manner of other added difficulties are now a part of Worlds Matches.

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